3 Ways To Generate Passive Income From An Ebook – A Guide For The Writers

Generating passive income has become a dream for everyone around. Especially those who spend hours online and know it’s possible to make money online are always looking for methods to generate passive income online. Writers can make a decent amount of money working online. They can simply publish stuff on the internet, they can start blogging or the most rewarding thing – they can write an eBook and earn royalties for the rest of their lives. Here, you will discover 3 methods how you can earn your living from an eBook you own.

3 Ways To Generate Passive Income By Writing Ebooks

There are many different ways to make money from an eBook. If you’re an expert, you won’t even need to search for the methods. Experts make money without even promoting their work. But you cannot build a reputation until people know about you! As a new writer, you can also get some methods to work and start making money right away. These methods will help you get a start and gradually you will build a reputation on the World Wide Web.

#1 Sell Your Ebooks

This is certainly a basic method of making money with almost anything. If you’re good at writing, and love to research, you should definitely think about selling your high quality eBooks. Being a new writer, it can be difficult for you to get the famous publications promote your eBook. But you can definitely start selling at a smaller scale. You can sell the eBooks on the related forums, social websites or other places where you can find people who are interested to learn about the stuffs you’re writing on. This won’t make you a lot of money in the beginning, but it will help you create a new passive income generator.

#2 Insert Affiliate Links

If you’re writing for specific niches, you can think about affiliate marketing to monetize your eBooks. There are thousands of writers who use this method and make a decent amount of money from the affiliate commissions. You can simply apply for being an affiliate for a product and the vendor will get you an affiliate link to track the visitors you will send. This can also be a powerful passive income generator. Many affiliate marketers hire writers to prepare these eBooks and they simply insert the links and make money. Simple and straightforward; isn’t it?

#3 Use Content Lockers (PPD)

This is perhaps the best method for a noob, or a new writer who’s just finished writing his first eBook. There are several PPD websites that let you make money by locking premium content with their surveys. You can find out a suitable PPD partner to start this venture. You can share your first eBook free to build a reputation, but you can also make money while sharing it free! Yes, you can lock the eBook with the content locker and make money whenever it gets downloaded.

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