All about Reddit Accounts and How to Acquire Them

Are you bored with your current online social media account? If you want to add a slight change in your social media activities, then you can start to join Reddit. This social media is actually not that new. It has been created years ago. But it was not as popular as its rivals. Millions of people from all over the world have joined this platform. If you are not familiar with this platform, you can find out more about it here. Once you read it, you will know what is reddit used for.

All about Reddit you must know

Reddit is a social networking platform in which members can submit various types of content including direct links, images, and texts. Members must vote for the post up or down. The votes will determine the position on the site page. These contents are categorized in different areas of interest. They are called subreddits. Some of the subreddits in this social networking site are news, gadget, food, jokes, movies, and music. One of the most well-liked Reddits is  IAmA or I Am A. In this subreddit, members can interact with each other by posting AMAs or Ask Me Anything. Many celebrities often post this subreddit. It is like a press conference. Most of them will answer any questions from their fans. However, some of them will sidestep questions that they think too private.

Some people are comfortable using this social networking platform. But some of them are not. That’s because it require commitment. It is perfect for those who want to connect with technical audience in order to help them and understand them. It is also perfect for those who want to promote their products. If this is what you want, then you must register at Reddit and create an account.

Tips in using Reddit

For you who are not familiar with this online social media, you have to know the tips of using Reddit. Applying these tips will enable you to be a successful Reddit member with high level ‘Karma’. Members will get higher Karma when they are actively contributing in the Reddit community.

There are many ways to contribute in this community. You can participate in IAmA, ask questions, and join the community. Once you are quite active in this social media, you can start your own AMA. Participating in other members’ AMA is a good way to learn how to create engaging AMA. The more you participate, the more people will participate in your AMA.

Reddit is a perfect way for marketers to promote their products. However, other members won’t like you and wonn’t participate in your AMA if you answer their questions like robots or use a lot of marketing words. Keep it simple and be personal. It will enable other members to relate themselves with you. When you are creating your AMA, you must be prepared answer all the questions. If you try to change the topic, other members will think of you negatively.

Creating a Reddit account is actually pretty easy. However, achieving good reputation and karma is not that easy. If you are planning to use it to promote your products or services, you can buy Reddit accounts. There are Reddit accounts for sale that you can buy. They are aged account with high karma so that you do not need to worry about improving your karma.