New Technology From Ozone Media

Banner advertising has become a popular method for online advertising. It’s a simple form of online advertising, allowing business owners to promote their business to internet users in all over the world. Anyone can join in and take part on the online campaign to promote any business that they’d like. As it’s easy to apply and anyone can easily join in, it becomes quite a hassle to monitor the progress of the campaign. It can bring bad campaign for business owners as their banner advertising often gets stuck on dormant customers. It won’t bring any progress to their business, yet they don’t know how to monitor their banner advertising campaign.

A new technology is applied on banner advertising platform by Ozone Media. This digital advertising network recently just launched Ozone Smarton as its latest product. It’s a new banner advertising platform that works in a more dynamic way. It also re-targets more productive consumers on real time. Using Ozone Smartone, ecommerce merchants can easily get the acquisition from dormant or dropped off consumers. Ozone Media understands that acquisition of online customer is important in online advertising. This digital banner advertising is based on latest technology that can improve efficiency of campaign delivery, reaching to real customer. It’s a new evolution in targeting products to advertisers. The real time service of this dynamic banner comes from prediction algorithms, a complicated calculation that’s used to optimize conversion rates and increase multi-product banners. However, these multi-product banners are chosen to make it relevant to user. This is what makes Ozone Smartron unique. It combines latest technology with network-related benefit to advertising works. In the future, the company aims for proactively giving suggestion on which campaigns that advertisers can run. It allows the company to reach for micro segment user base and set accurate target for them.

It’s predicted in Ozone Media Review that this new technology will give better result. It means bigger return on ad spend for this company. Previously, Ozone Media already released lead management system that’s used to capture and monitor leads. The benefit of this system is that it doesn’t require to build new solution from groundup. It can be launched from mobile verification, allowing user’s call center to enter verified leads only. This way, the system can bring bigger lead for sale conversion rate with new improvement on efficiency to access call center personal. Relying on the latest technology truly allows this Bangalore based company to do more revolutionary works.